2022.6.18 - 7.3

Field Notes by SDLA

Field Notes by SDLA

展示紹介 / Exhibition Introduction

本展では、SDLAがこれまでの東北滞在期間で書き記したメモや収集した画像からインスピレーションを受け制作した作品群を展示します。 “ノートブック” というレンズを通して、人々が情報をいかに消化し、理解するのか、彼の新鮮かつカラフルな視点を示すことを試みています。

SDLA is an experimental mixed-media artist currently based in Shiogama, Miyagi, Japan, grew up in the Philippines, and born in Tiohti:ake on northern Turtle Island (now known as Montreal, Canada). Specializing in creating art inspired from illustrative note-taking, he harmoniously blends together analog and digital mediums with a knack for pop and fearless DIY-spirit.
Showcasing original work drawn from his notes, images, and tangible media taken while living in Japan’s northern Tohoku region until now, his first solo exhibit aims to bring a fresh and colorful perspective on how people consume information through the lens of the notebook.

概要 / Summary

タイトル / Title
日時 / Date and time
2022年6月18日(土)- 7月3日(日)11:30-17:30【※月曜定休 / 入場無料】
18 June 2022 (Saturday) to 3 July 2022 (Sunday) from 11:30 to 17:30. Closed on Mondays
Free Admission
場所 / Venue
ビルドスペース birdo space 塩竈市港町2-3-11
2-3-11, Minatomachi, Shiogama City, Miyagi Pref. JAPAN 985-0016
プロフィール / Profile


SDLA is an experimental mixed-media artist. Currently based in Miyagi since 2016, he was in Montreal, Canada and lived in the Philippines for over a decade.

His artwork is heavily influenced by trends in both Eastern and Western popular culture, including comics, manga, and graphic design. These influences are evident in his work - as he tries to bring a fresh perspective into how people digest information visually. SDLA’s art draws from a his multicultural and interdisciplinary experience and combines these elements together with a dose of imagination as he tries to document his personal experiences through his notebooks and notebook related-artwork.